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hi, is it possible to upload a csv?

edited July 2013 in Questions & Answers
i've been working with kumulos for a week and i almost finish my first ios app using your data base/api servicer.

all is very intuitive and easy to use, however i havent found how to update the records of a table with a csv file, is it possible?

and how to backup the data, perhaps download a .sql file? yesterday by mistake i updated all records in a table and had to rewrite it all from zero :(

besides this great service
you rock!


  • Hi,

    You can backup all data to CSV by using the "Download all data" link from the app's dashboard in Kumulos. If you need an SQL dump at some point, feel free to create a support ticket with the request.

    If you need to import initial data from CSV, please just send a mail to with the data and which app it's for, and an engineer will assist further.

    Thanks for the kind words about the service!
  • mwharton.
    thanks, after sending the post i view where to download the data, my bad.

    ill contact support for the csv load.

    thaks again.
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