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Step 5 - Downloading Your Libraries

edited December 2011 in Getting Started


To get your integration with Kumulos started quickly, Kumulos will have built you native libraries for your platforms during Step 4. We'll go over the steplets necessary to get these libraries working in your project below.


a - Download your libraries

Click the large green button to start downloading a zip file containing your library files.


b - Add libraries to project

Your libraries will need to be added to your mobile app's project in your chosen IDE. These steps differ slightly depending on the tools you're using. Here we'll show you how to add the libraries to Xcode for iOS/OSX, and Eclipse for Android.

Once you've unzipped the bindings zip, choose which steps to follow below.

Show how to add iOS/OSX libraries to Xcode


  1. Open your Xcode project

  2. Open the iOS_OSX folder of the unzipped library files

  3. Drag and drop the Kumulos.h, Kumulos.m, and libKumulos.h files into your Xcode project.


  • If building for iOS, also add libKumulos_iOS_vx.x.x.a to the project

  • If building for OSX, add libKumulos_OSX_vx.x.x.a to the project instead

Show how to add Android libraries to Eclipse


  1. Open your Eclipse project

  2. Right click on your project and select Build Path > Add External Archives...

  3. Navigate to the Android folder of the extracted zip file, and add all of the jar files


c - Refer to integration documentation

Now you've added the libraries to your project, you're ready to make calls to Kumulos from your mobile app! To see how to make use of the generated libraries in your target platform's language, check out the documentation below.

Objective-C Libraries for iOS/OSX

Java Libraries for Android

Next Steps

You've successfully completed the Getting Started guide and have Kumulos running with your app. So... what's next?

Iterate Development

To continue developing your application, you'll most likely need to iterate Steps 2-5 to get things right. Whilst you iterate your development, you can test your app on up to 25 different devices.

Going Live

Once you've finished your development cycle and your app is ready to publish, you simply turn the app into production in Kumulos and enter your billing information. This will lift the development device limit and push your API to our optimised production servers. This is covered in more detail in our Launching Your App guide.

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