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iOS 64bit arm64 architecture


I am trying to add the Kumulos library to my new Xcode iOS project. This has worked before when I had armv7 and armv7s architectures. The App Store now requires arm64 for new uploads to itunesconnect. I have checked in terminal which files the current Kumulos lib (I got v0.7.4.a from the dashboard after deploying my api today) and it looks like only armv6, armv7, and i386. This is sort of a problem for me as I cannot upload my project to TestFlight and we need to be testing soon. Did i miss something or need to configure something differently? The project compiles fine without arm64, but then I cannot upload the project to itunesconnect.



  • Ok, so after going through the internet several times and trying many things I figured this out. If anyone else runs into this problem:

    Make sure to use: Kumulos_ARMv7-Combined.a . This is the only one working with arm64. Then ontop of that make sure you have SystemConfiguration and MobileCoreServices frameworks added to your Xcode project. Did these things and the project is now compiling again with arm64.

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