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RESTful API and key management now available

Manage your data with RESTful API requests!

After a successful ​beta​ period, the Kumulos RESTful API is now available. The RESTful API provides an alternative way for your mobile or web app to interact with Kumulos and manage your data as well as / instead of using one of our iOS, Android, Windows or Web SDKs.

What is the RESTful API?

Rather than defining helper API Methods and integrating an SDK into your client project to allow you to make Remote Procedure Calls, the RESTful API allows you to operate on objects directly by passing a JSON definition of it along with the HTTP command which maps to your operation...

  • Create (POST)
  • Read (GET)
  • Update (PUT)
  • Delete (DELETE)

How to use the RESTful API

Accessible over SSL, all you need to do is add a REST API key for your application with the permissions required to achieve the desired operation. Each application may have multiple REST API keys with different combinations of permissions.

Listing API Keys

Integration guide

Our new docs site contains all you need to know about managing REST API keys and using the RESTful API.

Choosing between RESTful API or client SDK

Whether you start to use the RESTful API or continue to use one of our existing client SDKs will very much depend on both your project (technology stack and purpose) as well as your personal preference and experience as a developer. For this reason we will be continuing to develop our existing iOS, Android, Windows and Web SDKs as well as adding new SDKs for other platforms and languages. Watch this space for news of updated iOS and Android SDKs coming soon.


As always, if you have any questions or require any more information, please do not hesitate to email

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