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Objective C and Swift Read Data

edited April 2016 in Questions & Answers

Hi Gang. Very green at iOS/OSX Programming. I'm hoping some of you have some helpful words for me.

I've created a few API calls in my Kumulos account one to write some values, one to read them back. I'm able to write to the API and underlying tables, however. I cannot figure out how to read the data back into iOS TableView item on the view controller. I can see from the debug that the values are being returned after the call completes. I can understand that the call to read the values is Async and returns at some point later...

But How, and please someone tell me. How do you connect the Objective C Classes delegates to the Swift side of this puzzle? I'm not understanding the objective C side of iOS enough to attempt a shot at building an app outside Swift.

So to recap, the main puzzle for me ( at the moment ) is how do I write the line of code which captures the call back (delegate) from Kumulos with my data I want it to retrieve.

Bit of code inside the IBAction for a button:

//Create a Kumulos object
let k:Kumulos = Kumulos()
//Create a new user, pass in the name and email fields from the View.
k.userAddWithUserName(Name.text, andEmail: Email.text)

// get a list of users that are stored on Kumulos
listofUsers = k.selectAll()

So I already know the above line doens't generate the desired result.

So if you know how to write the delegate for the selectAll function, and can show me how to stuff the data into a TableView I'd very much appreciate your help.

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