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Creating a staging environment for your app

You can now create a staging environment for any app in production at no extra cost!

Here at Kumulos, we know that when you publish an app to the stores, the hard work is only just beginning as you optimize and enhance the MVP, to both grow the audience and increase engagement. For this reason, Kumulos now supports the creation of a staging environment, once your app is in production.

You can create complete copies of any app that is in production so that bugs can be fixed on a test version, or new features can be added in a staging version. While viewing the App from the Client or App dashboard, select "Copy" from the context menu.

The create environment dialog will appear, prompting for a name for the new copy of the app. The suggested title will append '_staging' to the current app name. Click 'Submit' to start the copy process.

Once the process has completed the dialog will provide feedback and a link to the newly created app, simply click the button to open its dashboard.

For further information, please see our docs site.

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