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Swift SDK

Kumulos gives you an SDK framework to make it easy to integrate our various service API's with your iOS App.
Heres a guide that shows how to Integrate SDK components, Initialization, calling API methods and handling results.
It also explains how to integrate Kumulos the Push Notification Service via APNS.


  • Installed using pod :

    Added below code in appdelegate didFinishLaunching:pod 'KumulosSdkSwift', '~> 2.2'

    let builder = KSConfigBuilder(apiKey: "5f6078b9-b80a-4868-9533-c8f24996f558", secretKey: "fHO9F68UHaRjKWcP5yHdw/yotLt8UgB5iMFm")

    Configured valid .p12 in web app of your. But When I am seeing PUSH from web, It is not receiving in the iPhone 7 device. I found It is not asking for me to Allow access for Push Notifications. Lets me know If I am missing something. Thanks In Advance!!

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