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Creating Multiple Table records using API

Hello, am very new to Kumulos - can you tell me if its possible to create multiple records in a single API call using the standard Create function. if not can I do this with a KScript API method?



  • Hi there,

    With the drag-and-drop editor, you can drag in multiple create actions and use the id of the first record created in the create action for the second record. However, this is normally done when creating records in different tables with one API call.

    If you want to create multiple records in same table with one API call, then you could pass a JSON array as a parameter to a Kscript method, iterate over this and then execute multiple queries to create multiple records.

    If you want Kscript enabled for your app, just drop an email and let them know the name of the app to enable Kscript for.

    Hope this helps.

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