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Bringing Your Team On Board

edited December 2011 in Getting Started


So you've got the hang of Kumulos, and your app development is picking up pace. It could be time to bring more developers on board to start other projects, or finish the development and testing of your current one.

Kumulos suits multi-faceted teams of developers working in many configurations. It gives you fine control over what your colleagues can do with your Kumulos apps. To see how easy it is to get your team involved, follow the process below.

Navigate to "Users"


Selecting "Users" from the main menu will give you the screen above. It lists all the users on your Kumulos account, and allows you to manage them.

Click "Create User Account" & Fill in Details


When you hit "Create User Account" you'll be given a few things to fill in about them such as their name and login info.

Define User Role


Once you've filled in their details, you set up what part they'll play in your team.

First select your new user's permissions. These permissions control what your new user will be able to access and manage when they're logged in to Kumulos.

Once you've selected their permissions, you can choose which apps they'll be able to see and work with. The permissions selected apply to all apps that the user is given access to.

That's it! Now you and your team can collaborate to make awesome mobile apps!
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