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Session Analytics

Track session frequency, distribution and length!

We are delighted to announce a major update to the Analytics & Reporting feature within Kumulos, which includes a range of new metrics to show how engaged users are with an app.

The engagement tab now includes Session Distribution, Frequency, Sessions per Day and Session Length so you can easily see when, how often and for how long an app is being used and quickly spot trends if the app is being used more often and for longer. Is this what you would expect? Use it as an opportunity to sit down with your client or other stakeholders to discuss what to do post-launch to make the app more successful.

Don't worry, all of the activity charts that used to be in the engagement tab are still available in the audience tab so you can see who is using the app, where in the world they are and on what devices and operating system versions they are using it. You can also now vary the time period to quickly spot any trends in different locations, platforms or versions.

Kumulos records sessions based on application foreground and background events. When an app enters the background, Kumulos will wait for a configurable idle period. If there are no more foreground events during that idle period, the current session will be closed.

You can configure the idle period to suit your app's use-case. By default the idle period is 40 seconds of inactivity. The idle period does not count towards session duration calculations.

To adjust the idle period, please see the appropriate integration guide for your SDK (e.g. Android).

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