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Juniper Network Routers Models Reference Guide

Juniper Router Models:
Juniper MX Series –
The Juniper MX series is tightly aligned with the Software Defined Network (SDN) to provide an impressive system capacity, density, and performance.

Juniper Virtual MX (vMX)
Juniper MX 5
Juniper MX10
Juniper MX40
Juniper MX80
Juniper MX104
Juniper MX150
Juniper MX204
Juniper MX240
Juniper MX480
Juniper MX960
Juniper MX2008
Juniper MX2010
Juniper MX2020
Juniper MX10003
Juniper PTX Series
The PTX series routers are designed for incredible speed, efficient integration, and elegant deployment to reduce the cost of network ownership.

Juniper PTX1000
Juniper PTX3000
Juniper PTX5000
Juniper PTX10000
Juniper ACX Series
The ACX series routers are environmentally hardened, which reduces the cost of operating, maintaining and updating the network infrastructure. Ultimately, this series provides a higher level of customer satisfaction due to its durability.

Juniper ACX2100
Juniper ACX2200
Juniper ACX4000
Juniper ACX5000
Juniper CTP Series
The advanced technology in the CTP series allows for improved transport time and multiplexing divisions. This technology eliminates point to point circuits and instead converges applications into one, efficient IP network.

Juniper CTP150
Juniper CTP2008
Juniper CTP2024
Juniper CTP2056
Juniper T4000 Core Router
The T4000 core router was designed with a flexible architecture that can carry a wide range of services through common and MPLS infrastructures.

Discover more information about the Juniper Routers Series at their site.

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