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English PhD reads for an MFA graduate needed

Hi everybody, I've been out of the scholarly community for about a year and have had no achievement landing subordinate positions in neighborhood universities. I'm right now altering a book length worth of fiction to abstract magazines. While I might want to go for a PhD, I don't figure I can legitimize more obligation before satisfying what I as of now owe first, neither to myself nor my significant other. In any case, one day I'd like to seek after a PhD in English writing with an imaginative dissertation writing. Is it accurate to say that anyone knows about any assets, a rundown of books to peruse with the goal that I may get ready early and complete it faster when the opportunity arrives? I've been on a Russian writing kick, yet it appears that most PhD programs just spotlight on English language works of art (go figure). Will any English PhD graduates/understudies help me out with a book list? Much obliged to you

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