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edited June 2012 in Getting Started
Hi folks,

I'm one of the engineers working on Kumulos to develop new features and keep our software stack running smoothly. I love problem solving and optimising our setup so it's as fast and efficient as possible.

When not reading about, or tinkering with new technologies, I can be found sitting atop a mountain pondering the view.

Feel free to post a short intro and tell us what you love working on!

~ Chris


  • I've been working on Kumulos for the past year, mostly front-end design and functionality but recently extending existing features and tinkering with the inner workings.

    I'm very excited by the potential of the technology and am starting to build a pet project iOS app for a family business using it. It will be fun to see the system from a different perspective, and will no doubt help understanding the support issues that arise.

    When not hacking together shell scripts and debugging web applications, I can be found in a nearby pub enjoying a good single malt.
  • Hello, I'm Mike Wharton and I'm CTO of Kumulos. I'm more than happy to hear what you like about Kumulos, and (just as importantly) what you don't like!

    We've been working on this system for some time now, and it's been great to see all the cool stuff people have been building with it.

    Feel free to contact me directly at any time, I'd love to hear from you.
  • I'm marketing manager for Kumulos. Please feel free to contact me directly using :)
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