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lazy loading of photos

Hi, I'm working on an app that could potentially have a lot of photos for specific users. I am looking or needing to load the images in a lazy loading way, similar tot he facebook app on IOS. Right now it appears if I make a request for all images for a certain ID I need to wait for all image data to be downloaded before the images are displayed in the app. I would like the images to display one by one as they are loaded, so users can begin scrolling the album before the API request for all the images is complete.

I know I could search the database for the number of times a certain ID appears, then loop through a specific number of times obtaining each photo individually but this would make many API calls. I would prefer to make one API call and lazy load the images.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like a nifty idea, and we'll consider it for a future feature.

    For now it would have to be done with the multiple requests approach, but you could cache photos locally so over the lifetime of the app there are fewer requests to look at data already loaded once.

    If you've any other suggestions, please let us know!
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